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Transition in Leadership at GECAC
Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 11:15 AM

In a statement released to Partners for Performance on September 16, it was announced that Jean Burrell will be retiring from GECAC on September 30. Ben Wilson has been named as her successor:


Ben has been with GECAC for approximately one year, stepping into a role where he was required to learn and manage 9 separate programs, each with multiple funding streams in a short period of time to replace another long time program manager who was retiring. Ben rose to the task and has proven himself to be a very quick learner who pays attention to the details of regulations and other funding source requirements. Additionally, Ben has proven himself to be a competent supervisor and has shown that he has the ability to help staff work through change, which will be essential to this transition from WIA to WIOA. Prior to coming to GECAC, Ben spent 13 years as a supervisor for Sarah Reed. He has a Masters degree in Managerial and Leadership Development with a certificate in Conflict Management from Edinboro University. Over the next two and a half weeks, Ben will be shadowing Jean Burrell and working with the Program Managers in the Workforce Division to learn not only Title I, but also the other programs within the division.


Ben’s skills, combined with the knowledge and experience of the existing Title I staff, in particular GECAC's two Program Managers – Maryanne Chaffee and Greg Flinchbaugh, will ensure that program delivery will continue as smoothly as possible as they work through this transition in addition to the ones created by the changes in legislation and providers. Georgia Del Freo, Vice President of Operations at GECAC, will be extremely involved in this process as well to ensure that expectations will be met.



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