NWPA Job Connect Standing Committees 


Executive Committee

Responsibility/Authority: Act on behalf of the full Workforce Development Board, when necessary, due to timing, with ratification by the full board at the next full Workforce Development Board Meeting; To delegate to the board's committees and review findings and recommendations by the committees

Jim Decker, Chair

Tyrone Clark, Vice Chair

Monica Daquilante, Second Vice

Dr. Ray Feroz, Treasurer

Caryl Unseld, Secretary

Brittany Eisenman

Staff Contact: Janet Anderson


Business Solutions Committee

Responsibility/Authority: To identify and address common skill gaps, education and credential needs, and workforce requirements in high priority occupations within targeted industry sectors. Committee identifies those industry-specific workforce issues and needs that must be addressed to sustain a robust economy in the Northwest WDA by working with education and economic development to develop an action plan

Caryl Unseld, Chair

Gary Shaw

Steven Davis

Dr. Lisa Miller

Jody Dixon

County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper

Staff Contact: Janet Anderson


Communications Committee

Responsibility/Authority: Develop regional outreach and communication plan

Tyrone Clark, Chair

Monica Daquilante

Mike Chevalier

Staff Contact: Jackie Hamilton


Fiscal/Monitoring Committee

Responsibility/Authority: Ensure system accountability and transparency through fiscal oversight, audit, and program system monitoring, including performance measures, metrics that matter, and certification of the one-stop centers

Dr. Ray Feroz, Chair

Rich Krankota

Jim Decker

Dr. Aldo Jackson

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin

Commissioner Chip Abramovic

Staff Contact: Erin Shaffer, Diona Brick


Governance Committee

Responsibility/Authority: Ensure compliance to WDB Bylaws and other governing documents from US DoL and the PA Department of Labor & Industry. This includes the review and updating of policies. Further, the committee is responsibile to oversee the nominations process of the WDB, including recommendations for appointments, removals, and nominations of members and partners.

Rich Krankota, Chair

Brad Tisdale

Gary Shaw

Dr. Aldo Jackson

Staff Contact: Deb O'Neil


Workforce Solutions Committee

Responsibility/Authority: Continuously review and improve the one-stop and mobile system to eliminate barriers that inhibit job-seekers from attaining the education/training needed to be employable at family sustaining wages

Brad Tisdale, Chair

Dr. William Clark

Caryl Unseld

Frank Staszko

Tyrone Clark

Jody Dixon

Commissioner John Amato

Staff Contact: Erin Shaffer


Youth Committee

Responsibility/Authority: Supports/advises the WDB in the establishment and delivery of youth services; promotes career pathways and tangible opportunities for youth

Jill Foys, Chair

Mike Chevalier

Dave Henderson

Dr. Lisa Miller

Monica Daquilante

Jack Hewitt

Erin Sekerak

Brittany Eisenman

Eric Henry

Steven Davis

+many area youth partners

Staff Contact: Deb O'Neil


updated 08/01/19


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