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NWPA Job Connect’s Workforce Initiatives are key to strengthening proven practices in the workforce system that support economic expansion.Workforce Initiatives are carried out in partnership with a cross-section of community stakeholders from industry, education and service sectors and are typically supported by awarded grant opportunities.


Business-Education Partnerships

The Business-Education Partnerships (BEP) programs allow school districts to collaborate with local business and local Workforce Development Boards (LWDB) to educate students (future workforce), parents and guardians regarding high priority occupations and career pathways.


PAsmart Apprenticeships

Through the PAsmart initiative, eligible entities can apply for funding that address systems development as well as program development for registered pre-apprenticeship and registered apprenticeship programs located across Pennsylvania.   Three funding programs include:  Ambassador Network; Registered Pre-Apprenticeships Programs; and, Registered Apprenticeship Programs.


PAsmart Next Generation Industry Partnerships

A Next Gen Industry Partnership is a partnership of businesses, from the same industry and in a shared labor market region, that work with economic development, education, workforce development, and other public and community partners to improve the coordination and alignment of economic development, education, and workforce development programs.  Convening Grants require 1:1 dollar match.  Implementation Grants require 50% or more match.


State Apprenticeship Expansion

These funds will be made available to interested boards to assist in building capacity for apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs in their areas and/or addressing these goals. The Apprenticeship and Training Office (ATO) is focusing on three primary goals:  1) increasing the aggregate number of apprentices; 2) informing the public about the merits of apprenticeship; and, 3) expanding apprenticeship opportunities into non-traditional industries and occupations. 


State/Local Internship Program

The 2019 State/Local Internship Program (SLIP) will operate for 8 weeks anywhere between May 6 - August 30, 2019; and will again target young adults between the ages of 16 - 24 years.  This year’s demonstration not only aims to increase the total number of youth served statewide, via paid work experience placements with for-profit and/or non-profit employers, but strongly encourages local employers to support and extend this initiative by expanding upon the Commonwealth’s funding support up to at least 25 percent.


Teacher in the Workplace

Through Teacher in the Workplace programs, teachers, counselors, and administrators, hereafter known as educators, are provided experiences interacting directly with industry and business leaders, and learning about industry trends, needs, and opportunities that they can bring back to the classroom to enhance instruction, student learning, and career readiness.


Trade & Economic Transition National Dislocated Worker Grant

The goal of this funding is to cover the training costs of participating dislocated workers at 100 percent and to provide comprehensive supportive services for successful completion. This emphasis will primarily focus on, but not be limited to, dislocated workers from sectors related to retail, leisure, hospitality, the service industry, and trade, transportation and utilities.  


22 MAY 2019

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